Welcome to Great Outdoors Dog Academy!

Great Outdoors Dog Academy, LLC (GODA) is a small business in Central Ohio that offers Real World Training and Behavior Management. Our mission is to provide a low stress, high quality, positive, safe, fun and engaging learning environment for every dog and human in our care.

GODA, LLC began as a business endeavor between two friends who happened to be professional dog trainers in the Northern Virginia suburbs of Washington, D.C. in 2013. After great success and expansion, the business relocated to Central Ohio in 2016.

Our Great Outdoors theme comes from the idea that you and your dog live in a world full of exciting sights, sounds, smells and wags. Classroom and in-home learning are critical pieces of a solid training foundation and also help create a more positive relationship between you and your dog, but for years we’ve heard clients lament that as soon as they go out into the world, their best training intentions are outmatched by real world distractions.

Because we teach in a variety of neutral and social settings, we are in a unique position to offer high quality training and behavior consultations throughout a wide geographic area in Central Ohio. We often train on hikes, in parks, neighborhoods, vehicles, shopping centers, restaurant patios and anywhere else that presents a challenge for you and your companion. We also offer socialization and training field trips to further advance your timing and techniques while strengthening your dog’s ability to focus and trust. Best of all, each exercise is approached from a force-free, positive reinforcement platform to help further nurture the dog-handler bond.

GODA also offers day school (training) and pet sitting on a first-come, first-served basis in addition to our other services so be sure to call in advance for scheduling.

For more information on group training classes, private lessons, day school programs, pet sitting, adventure walks, Hounds on The Town field trips, and more please email godogacademy@gmail.com.


The Great Outdoor Dog Academy Team