As members of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT), we at Great Outdoors Dog Academy LLC (GODA) cannot ethically guarantee particular behavior outcomes with your dog(s) as our knowledge of the animal’s behavior, environment, and other variables will always, technically, be incomplete.

An ethical dog trainer can help guide and improve your communication with your dog, demonstrate techniques and skills to encourage desired behaviors and manage or phase out undesired behaviors, and motivate you to create a more positive and loving relationship with your dog at home and in high distraction settings.

GODA DOES guarantee you will receive:

  • Outstanding customer service
  • Highly experienced and knowledgeable trainers who are committed to ongoing continuing education
  • A commitment to humane training methods from a positive reinforcement platform
  • Small group class sizes and a custom approach to your training goals
  • A commitment to help clients seek relief, change, and improvement in the short and long term
  • Free, unlimited repeating of any completed course to continue working on targeted skills or for future human-dog ‘tune-ups’



Dogs are living and breathing creatures who can be unpredictable in their nature. For this reason there is always a relative risk and volatility in working with any animal, known or unknown.

The registrant understands that attendance of or participation in a dog

training session, dog class, dog sport, or any activity related to Great

Outdoors Dog Academy, LLC (“GODA”), whether on the property of

GODA or on any other public or private property, may pose risks to

registrant or registrant’s family members, guests, and/or dog(s). The

registrant further understands, agrees to hold GODA harmless, and

expressly assumes the risk of any damage and/or injury to registrant

or registrant’s family members, guests and/or dog(s) that may be

incurred as a result of a conducted session, class, sport, or dog related

activity by or on behalf of GODA because some of the dogs to which

the registrant or registrant’s family members, guests and/or dog(s)

may be exposed may be difficult to control and may be the cause of

injury even when handled with the greatest amount of skill and care,

including the registrant’s own dog(s) and/or the trainer(s) own dogs.

If the registrant will be bringing children to any dog session, class,

sport, or event, registrant will be responsible for their care,

safety, and appropriate supervision, and agrees to hold GODA harmless

and assume the risk of any damage and/or injury that may be

incurred in relation to any GODA activity.


Further, the registrant agrees to disclose to the trainer any danger or

sensitivities their dog(s) may present. The registrant will immediately

inform the trainer of any situations that may provoke aggression in

their  dog(s) and be responsible for avoiding those situations.


In consideration of their attendance of or participation in a dog

training session, class, sport, or event conducted by or on behalf of

GODA, the registrant, on behalf of themselves, their family members

and/or any guests or minors, and/or dogs, attending any dog training

session, class, sport, or event or any other GODA related activity,

waive, release, and agree to hold GODA, any and all of its employees,

volunteers, model and/or employee or volunteer owned dogs, agents,

insurers, and successors harmless from any and all liability, causes

of actions, claims, demands, losses, injuries, and damages of any kind

which may be sustained by them, their family members, guests,

minors and/or dog(s) in connection with any dog training session,

class, sport, or event or any other GODA related activity.


Registrant further agrees to indemnify, hold GODA harmless, and

assume full responsibility for damages, injuries and/or losses caused

by registrant or registrant’s family members, guests and/or dog(s)

to other persons or dog(s) whether they are in attendance of,

participants in, or unrelated bystanders of a GODA activity.


GODA maintains the right to refuse service to any individual and

any dog at its discretion.


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