Dogs, like people, are social animals with complex emotions and behaviors. Most challenges handlers face are due to miscommunication, a lack of mental and physical outlets for natural dog behaviors, and a lack of knowledge in how dogs learn and communicate. Luckily the majority of training and behavior concerns can be remedied or managed with a solid training and/or behavior plan based on a positive reinforcement platform.

Dogs are naturally inclined to do dog-things like digging, barking, jumping, chewing, and guarding, to name a few, but because they live in a human world, they must learn the necessary manners and skills that allow them to successfully co-exist with their human counterparts. Sadly, millions of companion animals are euthanized annually. A majority of these animals are young and healthy but were surrendered to shelters simply for exhibiting behaviors typical of dogs that the human did not attempt to interpret or modify. It is our goal at GODA to keep dogs happily in their forever homes by assisting and enriching the learning process between dogs and people in a positive and humane way.

The quickest way to build a trusting and positive relationship with your dog is to understand how they think, what motivates them, and how they learn, play and interact with the world. By approaching training from this perspective, we can help you better connect, communicate and thrive with your pet.



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