See Spot Home

As dog trainers and enthusiasts we are frequently in touch with training clients and their friends and family members who are in search of certain breeds, mixes, ages and temperaments of dogs. We have combined our years of experience in training, excellent relationships with shelter staff, and general dog knowledge to assist homeless dogs in finding their forever homes.

We often pull from high kill shelters in OH, WV, NC, NY, VA and surrounding states where homeless pet populations are out of control and the human population density is lower resulting in more dogs being put to sleep once they enter the rural or high traffic shelter systems. Adopting a dog with the assistance of See Spot Home is literally saving a dog from death row and giving him or her a happily ever after.

See Spot Home is currently a NON-501c3 group of volunteers who acts NOT as a rescue group, but as a liaison between high kill shelters, homeless pets and potential adopters.

If you are in search of a new pet for your family, please fill out the application provided to give us more information about yourself, your lifestyle and what you are looking for in a new companion. The application and a follow-up consultation with a See Spot Home Representative are designed to help you find the dog most compatible with your family, current pets (if any), activity level and lifestyle.

Upon review of your complete application and approval, a See Spot Home Representative will begin sending you photos and bios of dogs that we believe may fit your criteria for adoption based on the information you provide. A home visit and final arrangements will make the adoption, transport, vetting and new chapter in the life of a shelter pet possible.


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